Our History

Humble Beginnings

The church at Coraopolis began on October 6, 1941. Members rented a small storeroom at 905 School Street and converted it into a place of worship. With members moving into the area for work, the congregation would soon require a larger place to meet.

Purchase of Property

Looking to the future, the church purchased a house and lot on the corner of State Avenue and George Street in 1941. The downstairs of the house was made into a meeting place, and the upstairs served as living quarters for the minister.

Moving the House

Plans for the construction of a meetinghouse began from 1954 to 1956. A building fund was set up and the members contributed to the fund. The house was moved to the rear of the lot, facing it toward George Street. The house that served as a meeting place would become the parsonage.

Building the Meetinghouse

The work on the basement began during the summer of 1957. Winter set in before work could proceed above floor level. A subfloor was put down and covered with roofing for the winter months. In the spring of 1958, a contractor began work and finish in October 1958. During the winter, the congregation completed the rest of the work.

Dedication Day

Ceremonies were conducted on Memorial Day, Saturday, May 30, 1959. The charter stated that only the word of God was to be proclaimed from its pulpit and taught in its classrooms. Wayne Hammondtree of Nashville, Tennessee preached for the occasion. After the dedication, Donald Hooker of Dennison, Texas, began a series of gospel meetings.